A comprehensive guide to Tasmanian walking tracks.

Minnow Falls Track

Located on the eastern side of Mt. Roland. Grid references, Minnow Creek Parking 443640E, 5408200N; Top of Minnow Falls 441560E, 5406940N (AGD66). This steep, rough cut track climbs the eastern side of Mt. Roland climbing 545m in 3.5km. Expect to take 3 - 4 hours to the top of the falls.

Updated Info- There is a new track from Bottom Road which connects with the old track some ten minutes from the Lower Falls at 626m. The Lower  Falls are at 600m. The old track from Belstone Road via the quarry has been cleared, making an excellent circuit . There is a cross track between the two tracks. If the Minnow is high use a log bridge near the Bottom Road carpark.

To get to the Bottom Road carpark, take  Paradise Road/Union Bridge Road past the Beulah turnoff. Turn right along Belstone Road, turn left up Rising Road and  right along Bottom Road following orange tapes. Beware of a profusion of pink tape in the Minnow area, probably mineral survey lines. The walking tracks are taped in orange or red not pink.

A rock cairn and little wooden sign marks the spot where the original car park and start of route was. Tapes lead through plantation from here. The falls are at their best after heavy rain, but the rocks are more slippery then! There are three main falls. To climb up to the middle and top falls involves steep rough walking with ropes in three places to assist on short slabs. Park Cars on Belstone Road in the Paradise Plantation. Paradise Plantation is west of Union Bridge Road, Paradise. Follow Union Bridge Road unitl 300m north of Minnow River Bridge, turn west onto Dolly Bush Link Road, after 1km, left onto Belstone Road, after another 1km, veer left onto Short Spur Road, after 700m right onto Belstone Road again. Follow Belstone Road for another 1150m to the start of the route up to Minnow Falls. This spot is marked with a rock cairn, very little wooden sign and tapes. Grid ref GOG 443500E, 5407800N (AGD66). Follow tapes through pine plantation uphill. At a junction go straight ahead uphill on an old vehicle track. Keep on this until you come to an old quarry. The bush track goes up from the quarry in open forest, quite steep in parts, with a few logs to navigate. When you reach the bottom of the cliffs turn sharp left and follow a pleasant route through mature Teatree meandering along below the cliffs. You will reach a gully with a small creek, often dry, descend slightly then traverse along again. The route is well marked. As you near the Minnow River the route descends again and is rougher as you approach the bottom fall. The falls make a good lunch spot with a deep pool at their base. The route to the Middle Falls and the top of the escarpment starts just before the first fall and goes steeply up a little creek bed, before escaping on to easier ground. Then there is a steep little slab below a tree, which has a rope to assist. After this you enter a cave and emerge through a hole on to a ridge. This is great fun. To view the Middle Fall turn left down the ridge to a platform lookout, a superb spot, with the fall behind you and a vista over the Minnow Valley and Tiers. Go back up the ridge past the cave and continue steeply up towards the escarpment. Two more roped sections await before you enter the sublime Paradise Gully, a cool rain forest retreat. Leave the gully near the top - steeply to the left- and enter open teatree, which can be followed to the Minnow River above the top falls. There is another good lookout here, turn left just as you approach the river to access it. Track to the Mt Roland track is on the other side of the river. The river can be choked with Bauera in places near the falls. Track is not shown on the Tasmap 1:25000 Topographic Map Gog sheet. However the main track linking with the Mt. Roland Track from the north side of the mountain massif is shown. For further information see Basil Kleyendorst website. Track being maintained by Kentish volunteers. Info updated July 2018 

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Castra Falls Track

Provides access to Castra Falls and Cascades. Take the B15 road from Ulverstone and look for a turn off to Gaunt’s Road some 2 km before Nietta. Follow Gaunt’s Road for around 1.2 km to a signposted car park. Track starts on Gaunts Road south of Nietta Creek, 200m from Nietta Creek Track car park. There is a star picket and sign here. The track is 1km long and decends 60m to Nietta Creek. It has recently been cleared and sign posted. From the signpost on Gaunt’s Road follow old road along the perimeter of the pine plantation. You will come to a junction, with signs. To the left the track to Castra Falls. Straight ahead side trip to Step Falls. The forest track heads north east along the top of the ridge between Nietta Creek and Castra Rivulet. The route then leaves the ridge and descends very steeply in places to Castra Falls (Silver Falls on the tasmap!) There is a new safety rope here. You will pass a junction on the way down to the base of the falls which is the onward track to Nietta Creek. The falls are quite substantial after rain and there is a lovely little flat with big myrtle from which to admire them. Go back up to the signposted junction and follow a well marked but steep, slippery and rough route which traverses high above the creek. Take great care here in wet conditions. After the rough section the route nears a pretty unnamed cascade (Castra Cascade?) The track divides with a lower route going to the cascade while the main route heads down to the junction of Castra Rivulet and Nietta Creek. Nietta Creek can be crossed on the remains of a boardwalk bridge and a sunken log to a little beach. If the creek is in flood there is a big old log about 100 mts upstream. For more information refer to the Tasmap Topo 1:25,000 Castra sheet and Bill Shepherd track notes. Information supplied by Bill, Ausgust 2013.

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Nietta Creek Track

Provides access to Silver Falls. Take the B15 road from Ulverstone and look for a turn off to Gaunt’s Road some 2 km before Nietta. Follow Gaunt’s Road for around 1.2 km to a signposted car park Track has been recently sign posted and cleared. Directional signs and map board in car park. It is 150m to Silver Falls side track and 1km to junction with Castra Falls track. Follow track from carpark to Silver Falls (marked incorrectly as Castra Falls on Tasmap), a two tiered fall, side track to falls. Track continues on to an old boardwalk and log across Nietta Creek. On the other side is the track to Castra Cascades and Falls. For more information refer to the Tasmap Topo 1:25,000 Castra sheet and Bill Shepherd track notes. Information supplied by Bill, Ausgust 2013.

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Mt Duncan Track

Track Notes, view in Google Maps, view in Google Earth or download a .gpx file for your GPS (right click and save link)

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Dial Range Track

View the Dial Range Track in GoogleEarth or download a .gpx file for your GPS. For more track information click here.

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Mt Housetop Track

Track has recently (June 2013) been slashed and logs cut and removed. Pink tape has been added in the more open parts. For more Track Notes, click here.

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