A comprehensive guide to Tasmanian walking tracks.

Described from east to west 

Bombardier Track

This is used to climb Mt Hobhouse and the King William Range. It is located between Butlers Gorge Dam and the Gordon River headwaters, grid reference (AGD 66) - Gordon River End 434200E, 5314100N. The track is an overgrown two-pad track made with a Bombardier bulldozer, starting on the southern side of Butlers Gorge Dam. First bit is a formed vehicle track. Track is 9km long with a 100m-height difference. Expect to take 1 day to its end. Cross Butlers Gorge Dam and follow road to south, eventually this turns into a disused bulldozer track through forest and across Buttongrass plains. Shown on Tasmap 1:25 000 Majors Ed. 1 and 1:100 000 Nive Ed. 7 and 1: 250 000 South West road map.

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Gate Post Track

This track links the Overland Track with the Traveller Range. It is located at Du Cane Gap, Cradle Mountain – Lake St. Clair NP, grid reference (AGD 66) - Du Cane Gap 425150E, 5358295N; Traveller Range 425460E, 5358100N (Determine using map grid). This track is 400m long and climbs 200m-height difference. Expect to take 20 minutes. To find the pad starting at Du Cane Gap: Follow the Overland Track south from Du Cane Gap Signpost to the second opening in the vegetation. Follow the southern side of the opening to the bush edge and base of the ascent. The pad starts a few meters into the bush and ascends steeply. A rock cairn marks the start of the pad off the plateau. Not shown on maps. Relevant map sheet Tasmap 1:25000 Du Cane. Information correct to October 2009.

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Gingerbread Track

This track provides access to Mount Rufus from the south, including Joe Slater Hut and Gingerbread Hut. Located on the south side of Mount Rufus, grid reference (AGD 66) - Rufus canal road 429200E, 5331600N; Joe Slater Hut 427600E, 5333650N; Gingerbread Hut 425750E, 5335450N. This well used track in reasonable condition begins where two white posts about 1m high with red reflective tags on top either side of the track, mark the beginning of the track on Rufus Canal Road. Occasional old number plate markers can be found along the way, as well as stakes across open areas right to the summit of Mt Rufus. Expect to take at least 3.5hours to climb the 630m in 6km to the summit. The track starts on the Rufus Canal Road that is 9km west of Derwent Bridge. Follow Rufus Canal Road for 2.5km until crossing a wooden bridge over Navarre River. Track begins about 40m past bridge. Look for two white posts. Track climbs through forest and a number of open Buttongrass plains, passing Joe Slater Hut, which was originally built by the Wellington Ski Club. The hut sleeps 12 in two sections and is populated by animals. Water is available to the east of the hut in the forest. Track continues steeply up to an open plain, then up another steep pinch, past Gingerbread Hut. This is another hut of the Wellington Ski Club. It would sleep about four but is in bad repair with the door off its hinges. From here traverse east across steep ground to pick up the pole line that continues to the summit. At the summit you meet pole lines from the Mount Rufus Track from Cynthia Bay and a pole line from the saddle with Mt. Hugel to your north. The track is shown on Tasmap 1:100000 Topo Map sheet Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair NP. This information was last checked in August 2010.

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Linda Track

This is used to access Calder Hill and Mount Arrowsmith. Located between King William Saddle and Wombat Glen on the Lyell Highway, grid reference (AGD 66) - Eastern End 426400E, 5327500N; Wombat Glen 420600E, 5326000N. Track is  7.5km long with a 460m-height difference. Shown on Tasmap 1:25000 Arrowsmith sheet. More information is required for this track, please go to the Contributors page to see how.

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Frenchmans Cap Track


National Park Track to Lake Vera, Lake Tahune and Frenchmans Cap in Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park. Located off the Lyell Highway and south of the Franklin River. Grid reference: Lyell Highway Lat -42.2088307, Long 145.9807855 (Determine using GPS). This is a well-constructed track. It has been rerouted away from the Loddon Plains with a board walk in 2013. The start of the track is marked with Car Park and park signs. Expect to take 1 day to Lake Vera Hut, 1.5 days to Lake Tahune Hut and 2 days to the summit of Frenchmans Cap. View a map of new track route here or download a track file for your gps. More detailed information available on Tasmanian Parks Website. Last updated April 2013.

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Jane River Track

Old gold miners road now track that can be used to access Mt Emma, Erebus and Dalys Rivulets, Old mining camp tin hut, Jane River, Mt Algonkian and the northern end of the Prince of Wales Range. Located between Franklin and Jane Rivers, grid reference (AGD 66) - Lyell Highway 418375E, 5325600N; Jane River End 418200E, 5304500N. Old vehicle track, at times overgrown down to a signal pad through the scrub. Bridges across the large rivers (Franklin, Loddon and Erebus Rivers) are all down. Track is 24km long with a 250m-height difference. Expect to take 1.5 days. Route is straightforward once you have cross the Franklin River. Camping is possible at Margaret Pass. Erebus River can be crossed on logs 150m upstream of original bridge crossing. Old miners tin shed still in good condition with mattresses, etc, located at 418100E, 5305900N (AGD 66). Shown on Tasmap 1:25000 Topographic Loddon, Vera and Warnes map sheets. Correct at December 2009.

Ewarts Track

Provides access to Lake Ewart and Eldon Bluff. Located between Lyell Highway and Eldon Range to the north. Originally built by Ewart from Frog Flats on the Innes Track (Now Overland Track) to Linda Track. Very overgrown now and only visible between Lyell Highway and Lake Ewart track. More information is required for this track, please go to the Contributors page to see how.

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Raglan Range Track

Provides direct access to the Raglan Range, Flat Bluff and the Irenabyss track to Frenchmans Cap. Starts at Cardigan Flats on the Lyell Highway, grid reference (AGD 66) - Lyell Highway 403150E, 5335350N; Raglan Range Road 400400E, 5332900N. The track is a disused vehicle track and is 5.5km long with a 600m climb onto the range. Expect to take 3 hours. The track starts at a small quarry, west of the bridge over the Cardigan River and crosses the Button Grass plains to the south. After 1km the track begins to climb the Raglan Range just after an old bridge. At the top of the range the track turns west and follows the range to where it meets the Raglan Range Road. Ignore the disused log haulage way that can be seen descending the range to the south. Just before the road a ridge to the south can be followed up to Flat Bluff where the track from Irenabyss Gorge is met. Shown on Tasmap 1:100000 Topo Map Sheet Franklin Edition 5 and Tasmap 1:25000 Topo Map Sheet, Collingwood. For more information see, Dickenson, M., Howard, C. and Rubock, G. (1993). Day walks in Tasmania. Envirobook, Sydney, pp.48-50.

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Irenabyss Gorge Track

Links Frenchmans Cap with Nelson Valley west of Victoria Pass on the Lyell Highway via the Irenabyss Gorge, Franklin River, Flat Bluff and Raglan Range. Located in the Gordon – Franklin Wild Rivers NP, grid reference (AGD 66) - Lyell Highway 396100E, 5337800N; Franklin River 402150E, 5323700N; North Col 403450E, 5319950N. Worn track to Irenabyss Gorge, faint pads to Flat Bluff, road from Flat Bluff to Lyell Highway. Track is 25 km long with a 1000m-height difference. Expect to take 3 days. The route is described in one of John Chapman’s earlier editions of his guide to Cradle-Lake St.Clair. In brief the route begins at North Col on Frenchmans Cap. Track heads north around Lions Head and follows ridge down to Tahune Creek and the Franklin River at Irenabyss Gorge. From the campsite on the northern side of the Franklin River head for Mary Creek Plain following scrubby ridges with faint pads. West of Flat Bluff a disused vehicle track is met and followed for the next 9km. Alternatively you can cross to the Raglan Range from Flat Bluff and follow description for Raglan Range. This is 3km shorter. Shown on Tasmap 1:100000 Topo Map Sheet Franklin Edition 5. For more information see Chapman, J. (1990). South West Tasmania: a guidebook for bushwalkers. 3rd Ed. John Chapman, Melbourne.

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Fincham Track

Provides access to the Franklin River and Mt Fincham. Located off the Kelly Basin Road, grid reference (AGD 66) – Kelly Basins Road 385700E, 5324800N; Franklin River 397800E, 5322600N. Track is 15 km long with a 200m-height difference. Shown on Tasmap 1:100000 Topo map sheet Franklin. More information is required for this track, please go to the Contributors page to see how.

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Tracks described in John Chapman’s Books

For detailed information on the Overland Track and many of the side tracks get yourself a copy of Chapman, J and M. and Siseman, J. (1998). Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks. For a smaller publication limited to the Overland Track see Chapman, J and M. (2008). Overland Track. 2nd Ed. John Chapman, Melbourne. The Mt Oakleigh and Pelion East Side Tracks are described in these publications.

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