A comprehensive guide to Tasmanian walking tracks.

Tracks are described from north to south

Penguin – Cradle Trail

This is an extension of the Overland Track to the north coast at Penguin. Located between Cradle Lodge, Pencil Pine and the town of Penguin. The track crosses the Speeler Plains, traverses the Black Bluff Range, goes through Leven Canyon and along the Dial Range. The southern end of the tracks starts at Pencil Pine (410640E, 5394510N); The northern end of the track starts at  off Montgomery Road, Penguin (421310E, 5445450N). This is a well mark track. From Cradle Lodge, cross the creek on the foot bridge immediately southwest of the lodge car park and take the track to the west through rainforest to Speeler Plain, continue west across the plain following snow poles. From Penguin, starting at Penguin Beach, head for one of the railway crossings on Main Street. Both crossings intersect Crescent Street which should be followed around to Ironcliffe Road; follow it south for 2.8km to Montgomery Road. 400m down Montgomery Road the start of the track is on your right with parking on the left. Commence walking south from the “Walking Tracks” sign, and after 120m Myrtle Creek is crossed. For more information see the route guide and maps that are downloadable from the North West Walking Club website

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Ossies Track

Provides access to Reynolds Falls, originally cut by Ossie Ellis and Laurie Wootton in 1979. Located between Fleece Creek and Reynolds Falls on the Vale River, grid reference (AGD 66) - Fleece Creek 407120E, 5394900N; Reynolds Falls 400465E, 5393670N. This is a well-worn and cut track through the rainforest. First part to Pandani Creek follows a disused vehicle track. From Cradle Lodge, cross the creek on the foot bridge immediately southwest of the lodge car park and take the track to the west through rainforest to Speeler Plain (formerly Fury Plains), continue west across the plain following snow poles to a fork in the foot track, the southern branch (a disused vehicle track) is the start of Ossies Track. After 600m the track crosses Fleece Creek, after another 1.5km the track crosses Pandani Creek. Track ends at the Vale River near Reynolds Falls. Track is Shown on Tasmap 1:50,000 Black Bluff, 1:100,000 Sophia Edition 5 (1992) and Australian Geographic Map “ The Overland Track” (1993). For further information refer to the Hobart Walking Club (1991). The Tasmanian Tramp, Number 28. pp.27-31.

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Speeler Plains Track

This is a disused vehicle track that can be used to access Mt Remus. Located on Speeler Plains west of Pencil Pine, Northern End 407995E, 5395120N; Mount Remus 401210E, 5390390N. Track is not sign posted. The track is 8.5km long with a 170m-height difference. From Cradle Lodge, cross the creek on the foot bridge immediately southwest of the lodge car park and take the track to the west through rainforest to Speeler Plain, continue west across the plain following snow poles until you cross a faint pad on a high point of the plains at 408070E, 5394780N. This is the Speeler Plains Track that starts 350m north of here. The track traverses the tops of Speeler Plains to the south ending on Mount Remus. Shown on Tasmap 1:25000 Topographic Map Sheet Pencil Pine.

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Mount Kate Logging Track


Once a logging track, now used to climb the Unnamed Hill (1086m) south of Mt. Kate. From this hill, Mt Kate is easily reached through low and sometimes thick shrubbery. Located on the south side of Mt. Kate, Cradle Mountain National Park. Track starts on Dove Lake Rd at Ronny Creek Car Park (Grid reference (GDA 94) – 412502E, 5390057N; There is a major track junction at 413130E, 5390144N; Unnamed Hill, 413195E, 5390851N.  A former logging track, this track is very well clear, topmost section is narrow track. Somewhat confusing, so keep alert, but generally easy grade although steep-ish in places. The start is by no means obvious, but by following your nose and these directions the track becomes well defined. There is no signage. Look for the ‘river bed’ that is actually an ex-logging road below the Lodges. Also watch for where the old logging road deviates right (413130E, 5390144N (GDA94)), the old logging road heads up the valley rather than Mt Kate. The track climbs 250m along its 2km length. Expect to take less than an hour to reach the Unnamed Hill (1080m). Start by crossing Ronny Creek south of Ronny Creek Car Park, follow ‘duck boarded’ track toward Mt. Kate House and Blandfordia Lodge. Before the lodges, you will see a (usually dry) river bed/ road when looking towards Cradle Mountain. Follow this parallel from the road for a short distance before it begins heading uphill. Continue uphill following the before mentioned watercourse, where you will begin to pick up cairns and old tapes. After several hundred metres if the tapes are followed properly you will find yourself on the easy to follow track to the top of the Unnamed Hill (1086m). Mt. Kate is visible to the north. This track is good for accessing Mt. Kate. Refer to Tasmap 1:25000 Cradle and Pencil Pine sheets. Part of the track is shown on the Pencil Pine sheet. You can view the track on The LIST . For further information see, Wilkinson, B. (Ed.) (1994) The Abels, Tasmania’s Mountains Over 1100m High,Vol. 1. Tasmanian Outdoors Collection, Launceston. Information correct to 11 December 2011 and kindly provided by M D’Alessandro and since checked against aerial imagery 14 February 2016.

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Little Horn Track

Used to access the summit of Little Horn, Cradle Mountain, Cradle Mountain National Park. Grid reference (GDA94) - Face Track, 413606E, 5385847N (Determine using www.TheLIST.tas.gov.au). This track was once marked and maintained by Parks, nowadays it is still well defined but little used compared to The Face Track. The track is steep, lightly overgrown, some scrambling up small ledges. Keep your eyes peeled once you are facing the north facing slopes of Little Horn and you will find the track. This short track is 200m long and climbs 300m from the Face Track. Little Horn summit is reached in about 30 mins. The track starts from the Face Track, just before the Face Track descends to the Lake Rodway Track Junction. There are two minor tracks that head east from the Face Track, both go to the Little Horn Summit. The eastern most is the most scenic and least steep, the western route ascends the big gully on the north face of Little Horn, the eastern route meets this further up. (There is also a route that comes up from the Weindorfers Tower saddle, but this is much harder.). Not shown on maps. Refer to Tasmap 1:25000 Cradle sheet. For further information see http://bushwalk.com/wiki/index.php?title=Little_Horn . Information correct to 11 December 2011 and kindly provided by M D’Alessandro.

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Thetis Track

Provides access to Paddy’s Nut and Mt. Thetis. Located near Pelion Plains, grid reference - Overland Track 419410E, 5368580N; Paddys Nut 418560E, 5365380N. This is a worn pad through heath land along a gradual ridge. Old track markers nailed to trees start approximately 50m from Overland Track. Track is 3.5km long with a 400m ascent. Expect to take 1.5 hours. The beginning of the track is a bit disguised. You can find it 200m west of a tributary of Douglas Creek, after you emerge from thicker vegetation into an open flat area of Eucalypt vegetation look for faint pads heading south. Markers start after about 50m. Shown on Tasmap 1:25000 Topographic Map Sheet Achilles.

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Forth Valley Track

Originally used as an access track to Pelion Plains from the Wolfram Mine at the head of the Forth Valley, 22km from Lemonthyme Power Station along disused Patons Road. The road is now impassable. And makes this track unfeasible as an access route for the Overland Track. However, the track can now be used to visit the forests and mine in the upper parts of the valley as a day trip from Pelion. Located between the Forth Valley and Pelion Plains, grid reference, Old Pelion Hut 419930E, 5369140N; Wolfram Mine 419370E, 5374720N. Track is 6.5km long with a 440m decent. Expect to take 6 hours return. From Old Pelion Hut, cross Douglas Creek and follow track across an old mining scar to the edge of the Forth Valley, track drops steeply into a magnificent tall forest before ending at the Wolfram Mine. Shown on Tasmap 1:25000 Topographic Map Sheet Achilles and Will. For more information refer to Siseman, J. and Chapman, J (1984). Cradle Mountain National Park and Frenchmans Cap - Walls of Jerusalem.

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Tracks described in John Chapman’s Books

For detailed information on the Overland Track and many of the side tracks get yourself a copy of Chapman, J and M. and Siseman, J. (2006) 6th Ed.. Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair and Walls of Jerusalem National Parks. For a smaller publication limited to the Overland Track see Chapman, J and M. Overland Track. 3rd Ed. John Chapman, Melbourne. The Mt Oakleigh and Pelion East Side Tracks are described in these publications.

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