A comprehensive guide to Tasmanian walking tracks.

Blue Peaks Track

This track provides access to Blue Peaks from Lake MacKenzie, grid reference (AGD 66) - Lake MacKenzie 447800E, 5385000N; Unnamed lakes south of Blue Peaks 448400E, 5380110N. Grid references in GDA94, Lake MacKenzie 448300E, 5385200N. The old vehicle track is 5km long with a 110m-height difference. Expect to take 2 hours. There is a slab of concrete on the left where the track starts. The track climbs up through a small valley to reach the undulating open plateau within 1km of the start. From here it crosses open undulating country eventually passing Blue Peaks on the eastern side to end at an unnamed lake. Shown on Tasmap 1:25000 Topographic Map Lake Mackenzie.


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Lake Explorer Track

Provides access to Lake Explorer from Lake Mackenzie, grid reference (AGD 66) - Lake Mackenzie 448770E, 5384950N; Lake Explorer 451530E, 5382080N. This well-worn pad is 4.5km long and climbs 50m. Expect to take 1.5 hours. Track begins on the south side of the spillway of Mackenzie Dam and follows the lake edge until the Fisher River is reached. The Explorer River also enters Lake MacKenzie here. Ford both rivers and follow pad along the Explorer River to the west side of Lake Explorer. Shown on Tasmap 1:25000 Topographic Map Sheet Lake Mackenzie.

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Lake Fanny Track


Provides access from the east into Lake Fanny, Lake Antimony and Great Pine Tier area. Located at the end of the Lake Augusta Road at Lake Ada, grid reference (AGD 66) - Road end; Lake Fanny 448130E, 5365700N. The track is 5km long and climbs 40m. Expect to take 2 hours. A 4km sidetrack heads south to Lake Antimony and the Great Pine Tier. Shown on Tasmap 1:25000 Topographic Map Sheet Ada. Right-Click here to download and save a gpx file of the start of the track (If file saves as an .xml file, just rename it a .gpx file). Can then be imported into your GPS or opened in Google Earth.

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