A comprehensive guide to Tasmanian walking tracks.

This website is a comprehensive guide of bushwalking tracks in Tasmania

The intention of this website is to provide information on all the important bush tracks that walkers use to access the more remote parts of Tasmania. The information provided should be enough for you to plan your bushwalk and be able to located the track in the bush.

There are many walking guides that detail walk suggestions but there are no guides currently that provide a complete inventory of tracks in a particular area (except maybe the Tasman Peninsula Tracks book and guides to Flinders and King Islands). Topographic maps often don’t show the tracks and general knowledge of tracks amongst walkers is diminishing. As a result, tracks are becoming over grown or have disappeared, restricting access to some of the more remote areas. This website attempts to fill the gap. All information is freely provided by walkers.

All location / coordinate / map references are in latitude / longitude decimal degrees (GDA94) unless otherwise stated in the track notes.  The difference between GDA94 and GDA2020 is a shift of approximately 1.8m to the north east and the difference between AGD66 and GDA 94 is a shift of approximately 110-115m to the north east. WGS84 was equal to GDA2020 on the 01/01/2020.

If you would like to contribute, update or correct any information on this website, send an email to tastrack@gmail.com

To help you to describe a track a Word template can be downloaded from here.

The Mountain Huts Preservation Society have a great website of huts in Tasmania.